Tidal music will display but appears not to load or play?

Core Machine
Brand new Apple iMac current build 1.7 and build 710.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Router is supplied by local provider WiFi and is streaming on ethernet

Audio Devices
Bluesound Vault 2i streams via an rme adi dac2 into a Hegel 390 amp

Description Of Issue
Tidal album is selected each track plays for 30 seconds until end of album. No music is loaded or played out of speakers it appears not to load album.

Can you help please

Hi @Gareth_Tuffery,

Does local content play okay for you?

Does this happen if you play to a different device?

Finally, can you share a screenshot of the signal path when this is happening so we can take a look? Thanks you!

Hi Dylan,
Thank you for coming back.
Ok no music plays from a Tidal stream or live radio. Works all ok if I play ROON to my Sonos.
Interestingly I pad to Bluesound Vault 2I plays one track before showing following error message.
TIDAL will work on my IMAC ok and on Tidal Connect to Bluesound via my Iphone.
So to summarise ROON on IMAC (core) will not load and play stream via Bluesound and dac to Hegel amp.In addition TIDAL error notification on TIDAL,playing on BLUEOS app to vault2i

I hope this helps and many thanks for your excellent support-

Change your tidal password and see if that clears it up.

Very sorry nothing has changed I have changed my password.:cry:

Dear Roon,
Thank you for your quick response and help in addition I deleted the BluOS app and reloaded, to my pleasure and surprise ROON is now working.

Tidal v Bluesound conflict with old code stuck in the app??


Have a great Christmas :nerd_face::+1::guitar::notes::christmas_tree:

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There’s been something odd going on with bluesound, some people have cleared issues by doing factory resets. Good job in finding a solution :tada::tada:

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