TIDAL ‘My Daily Discovery’ mix work around to make available in Roon

It was bugging me that I couldn’t see the TIDAL ‘My Daily Discovery’ mix in Roon-however I have a slightly clunky work around-but it does work, I’m listening to my daily discovery mix on Roon now :slight_smile: basically you need to turn it into a playlist. This is how I did it on my iPhone.

  1. add the daily list to your collection on Tidal app (heart button below name of mix)
    2)go to ‘My Collection’ (heart icon bottom right)
    3)go to mixes and radio (top option)
    4)tap the three dots next to my daily discovery and ‘add to playlist’
    5)press the ‘+’ to create a new playlist and give it a name.

It will then appear in your Roon playlists section. If it’s not there straight away you just need to sync your library - which I have just been informed you can do with the clockwise arrow at the top right of the Roon Remote tidal screen, or otherwise as below…
In Roon Remote go to settings-services-Tidal and press the ‘sync library now’ blue link-below ‘last library sync’


Excellent :ok_hand:t2: Just did it.


Marvellous - glad I could help. Just added a little update, that you can force Tidal to sync library from the Tidal page of the Roon Remote app (the clockwise arrow) rather than having to delve into settings :slight_smile:

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That’s what I used :slight_smile:

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Nice, does it update automatically in Roon when Tidal updates it?


I wouldn’t think so as you have to make the mix a playlist in order for Roon to see it-and the playlist will not change when the My Daily Discover mix does.
I only did it today-but what I’m expecting is I’ll have to do the same tomorrow and make a different playlist (or I guess I could update the first one, but my preference would be a new one).
It’d be much simpler if Roon was just able to show the Daily Discovery mix, as it can with the My Mix 1, 2, 3 etc.


Gotcha. This is the same workaround we used to have to do for My Mixes before Roon added that feature - hopefully, they can do the same for Daily Discovery - I can think of no reason why it wouldn’t be possible given they’ve done it for My Mixes but I’m probably oversimplifying the issue.

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Ahah! Yes, I thought I wouldn’t have been the first to come up with this-but couldn’t see any solution posted. I only joined Roon last week though!
If they can do the My Mixes surely it’s possible to do My Daily Discovery too, maybe it’s licensing or some other proprietary nonsense? It does mean we have to spend a few moments on the Tidal app after all :joy:

I think Tidal gets paid every time we stream a song from them so allowing Roon to access the Daily Discovery playlist would only help their revenues AFAIK. :wink:

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Likely they dont make it available over the API. They have to make their app itself worth while. Same for Qobuz and their new weekly
curated playlists they are not available for 3rd parties.

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I just use Tidal connect for the daily discovery. I think it’s as good if not better sounding than Roon anyway.

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Yeah, I thought that too, but maybe they want to keep the Daily Discovery for themselves? If it’s not Tidal saying Roon can’t have the mix, then hopefully Roon Labs will give us it in the next update?

Yeah. Exactly what I was wondering-makes me use the Tidal app for a few mins in the house!

I was hoping to just be using Roon in the house-lazy perhaps :thinking: but the all under one roof nature of Roon is exactly why I was interested in the first place as I also have a lot of offline content (big CD collection ripped).

I think I’m doing something stupid here. Where are my Tidal playlists displayed? I can only see Tidal’s playlists, Staff Picks and Master Quality playlists in Roon.

Sounds like I’m searching in the wrong place.

Noel what device are using to control Roon?
On my Android device it looks as bellow and you can see my Tidal playlists are inside my Normal playlists

Hopefully this helps


Your Tidal playlists are picked up by Roon automatically and you can find them in the ‘My Stuff’ section, rather than the Library section on IOS


Brilliant, thanks @Michael_Harris

This works on my iPhone. I was trying to find it in the Tidal section. :raised_hands: :pray:

Thanks @Michael_Dollan too. :+1::trophy:


The all encompassing playlist section of Roon menu can be a little confusing.
It took me a while to figure out WTH my Qobuz playlists were😇


Great news :+1:

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