TIDAL My Mix in roon? [Released in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Dear fellow roonies,

today, my tidal clients on android and windows updated to include the new “My Mix” category. On first glance, it looks very promising.

Is there any way to access this playlist in roon and play it from there? And will tidal tracks played via roon be honored by the my mix-function?


+1 for this feature request😄

Looks like you can save them as plylists that would presumably get imported into roon.

How often do they get updated in Tidal?


Where does that show up?
Wondering if it is regional…

In android it’s the first link under my collection.

(Thanks to the OP for the heads up.)

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Wasn’t there this morning, just got the auto app update and there it is! Thanks.

Interesting that you can’t seem to download the My Mix playlists while you can download other playlists (and if you save a My Mix as a playlist you can download it). Also they seem to have a “radio” icon on them. I wonder if the intent of them is that they are going to be more dynamic than playlists.

They sure do look promising though. Seems to have created different playlists for different genres and figured out that I don’t listen to hip hop.

+1 for this. Mixes seem to be the best music curation in TIDAL yet. Kind of annoying to have to make playlists out of them all the time.

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+1 My Mix would be great to have in Roon :star:

+1 for getting this visible in Roon. The Mix suggestions so far have been great. Good to see that Tidal is bringing these new features forward.

+3- these are similar to Spotify Daily mixes, algorithmically generated based on your listening habits.

here’s a blurb describing them from the Music Ally newsletter:

Tidal launches its own algo-personalised My Mix playlists
Remember the days when Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist seemed like algorithmic sorcery? Now the idea of ‘algo-personalised’ streaming playlists is almost commodified: or at least, most streaming services have them as a standard feature. Tidal is late to the party, but its new My Mix feature sounds good – if a direct swipe from Spotify’s Daily Mix feature. Tidal users will get six “custom curated collections” with up to 50 songs each, blending older and newer tracks based on their listening habits. The most active users will get daily updates, reports The Verge, with – and this is where Tidal has gone beyond what Spotify has so far, workarounds excepted – the My Mix playlists able to be saved for offline listening. My Mix is rolling out worldwide to Tidal subscribers already.


I see them in my account but have not looked at them yet…

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Completely agree. Was surprised on the mixing quality:-) however can’t these in Roon - yet??? Really a drawback if we do not get access

Finally a good feature from Tidal!

P.S. Roon wouldn’t need to expose those playlists from Tidal if they implement their own version of this feature… hint hint…


P.S.2 I’m seeing a lot of repetition in those Tidal mixes, mainly of artists and even different versions of the same song. Spotify are still better at this.

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Let’s get the Roon hamsters working on this, please.


Probably some iterations away, I don’t know if you remember Spotify’s early versions … anyway I’m positively surprised by the quality! Makes me wonder if they performed some major changes behind the scenes.

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They must have, this requires an array of backend services.
I wasn’t there for the early days of Spotify, I guess those things need a lot of training to get right

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Cool will check this out. I use the Spotify ones a lot.

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