Tidal New Releases For You - Sync Issue?


Do I have some sort of syncing problem with Tidal? This is what New Releases For You looks like today, 19th January:

The Singles view is just as bad. Neither views are relevant on the 19th January!
Tidal app on my phone shows nothing like this, so how do I flush all the Christmas stuff and resync?

Running latest version of ROCK on a NUC.

I think the relevance engine is broken and so it’s not updating. If you sort by newest instead you should see more.

Thanks. I haven’t used it much in the last month or so, so didn’t really notice.

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@support is there a :gear: stuck somewhere in the relevance engine?

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Thanks for the feedback here, @Anthony_B! I’ve passed this feedback along to the team.

So we can have some better information, would you kindly provide the following information?

  1. The name of the profile that you use in Roon
  2. A screenshot of the Artists page in Roon when sorted by Most Played
  3. An updated screenshot of View All for New Releases For You
  4. A description of which picks you think are bad here, along with any picks that you think should be showing up that are not and are not already in your library.


Hi dylan,

User profile I use is ‘Tony’. My wife uses a different Roon profile but we both share the same Tidal account login on devices (I think but would have to check as we have a family account with six logins) and of course Roon (no choice :frowning: ). I use the Tidal app on my phone and ipad at times, but the wife only uses Tidal via Roon.

Artists sorted by ‘Most Played’:

First 14 NRFY on View all:

Second 14 on NRFY View all:

On the next 14 there are two more Christmas albums, one by Robbie Williams and a repeat of the Bing Crosby one at the top, plus of course the obligatory Celine Dion album.

The only picks I would quibble with are the Christmas albums, still showing as relevant in January (four out of 14 on first page). In my local library all Christmas music is loaded into Roon in December and removed at the end of the year to keep it from showing up when it shouldn’t. So still seeing Christmas albums in January is not exactly optimal.

How are NRFY picks selected? From Tidal play or a combination of Tidal and local play?

The Artists ‘Most Played’ page is most interesting, in that it bears no resemblance to what I’ve played. Rarely listened to Glenn Gould (now or in the past) or the Smashing Pumpkins for examples, so no idea what that is actually indicating (and I don’t like Pearl Jam!). The artists are all ones that I have played but some very rarely at all.

Hi @Anthony_B,

I appreciate the details here! I’ll get this feedback over to the team.

There are a variety of factors considered, but all Roon playback is considered — not just TIDAL playback.

I think so, not syncing very well here either. For example, I have lots of tracks from Moby as . His new single from release date 14th of January is not in my NRFY.

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