Tidal: No access to Tildal files and radio stations

Roon Core Machine:

Roon version 1.8 build 831 on QNAP (
[See file]

Include your operating system and machine info:

Dell XPS 8920;
Window 10 Pro build (19044.1348)
CPU: 4,2Gig Intel Core i7 7700K 64 bits ready;
256K Primary; 1024K Secondary; 8192K Tertiary.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

network gear (model of routers/switches): R7000P
WiFi/Ethernet → YES

Connected Audio Devices:

Moon 680D Roon ready

Number of Tracks in Library

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Tidal was not working after next to the actual Roon Built was installed. I had the same problem has many Tidal subscribers. Then, a new build was made available. With this version, the problem seems to be resolved. After a few days of happy listening, access to Tidal radio stations and to Tidal albums stopped. Tidal is sending me a message [translate here from French]: This track is not available from Tidal.

All Tidal tracks are available from Moon Mind 2 and from the Tidal App.
To tell the thruth, I’m a bit drawn back from Roon inability to offer working updates.

Hey @Francois_Beland,

We’re so very sorry that we didn’t get a chance to see and reply to this thread for this long… it was a holiday weekend here, in the US and we’re just now catching up on replying to everyone.

I was wondering, at this moment, is Roon + TIDAL working on your end?

Could you please:

  • log out from TIDAL in Roon
  • restart your Roon Core (QNAP)
  • log back into TIDAL in Roon

Thanks so much :pray: