Tidal not available after upgrade to new version 1.8 build 898 issue

When I upgraded to new version 1.8 build 898 today,
all of the Tidal music caanot be used.What is the problem?

Same to me. Upgraded a few hours ago and Tidal library is not available.

Renamed to reflect issue, and moved to support. Tagging @support so they see this.

It would be helpful if you could detail your setup and environment and exactly what you’re experiencing so that the support team can work with the details. There’s a template for the information needed below. Thanks and good luck!

Just log out the Tidal and re-login, the issue has been fixed. You could try it.

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Re-login has worked. Thanks for this hint. :+1:

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@li_zhi did this work for you?

yes, it worked for me and I try it out.

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