Tidal not configured (all of a sudden)

I am starting to realize there are many ends in Roon that need to be properly tied together, because I find loose ends quite often these days. The last days this house was haunted by WiFi weakness that messes up Roon, and today I could not find anything “tidal”.

Due to absolutely no messages, I spent approx. 5 minutes browsing around in Roon until I as a slow train finally discovered that Tidal once of a sudden was reverted to a not-configured state.

I am not whining, just trying to illustrate the set back in user experience when knots are loosened without asking user for permission. Some software should have asked me: “Is it ok that we un-configure Tidal?”, or informed me with a red flag (since Tidal is a fundamental service provider) that “OBS! OBS! Something happened, you need to reconfigure Tidal!”

One trigger is the search function, it should definitely be able to provide friendly “tidal hints” when music aren’t found locally.

My good deed of the day.