Tidal not connecting


Been using Roon and Tidal happily for a couple of years, only last night in fact and yet this morning Roon gives error message of bad username or password when trying to connect. The Tidal desktop version works fine and the web version also. Today is my payment day via Paypal, I have a nagging feeling this may have something to do with it…

Have rebooted etc but still same error message. Checked settings in Tidal and nothing changed there either. Stumped. I expect when I try later will work but currently not.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Yes same for me. I can log in to Tidal through their system but not through Roon. Tidal isn’t showing in sidebar.

As I suspected, went to make a coffee came back and hit the login button in Roon services Tidal and this time it worked ! Roon now connected to Tidal, I suspect subscription and payment at Tidal end.



My payment goes out earlier in the month so that’s not my problem. Still no Tidal.

Tried relogging in to Tidal via Roon and now it’s worked, phew!

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