Tidal not integrating as expected

I’m seeing from various posts that Tidal should be integrating better with Roon but I’m still struggling with my favourite albums, tracks, playlists etc are not showing in Roon…I’m seeing only old material; I’ve tried restarting roon, logginh on/out of tidal but no luck. very frustrating. What do you suggest? cheers

Great to see you again, @Andrew_Hulme!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with Tidal properly syncing to your Roon account. After taking a closer look at your system diagnostics, it looks like your account with Tidal is now properly synced with Roon.

Are you still experiencing the integration issues you mentioned above? Let me know!

Hi Ben…it doesnt look like it’s fixed as I’m missing recent tracks I’ve added in Tidal and I dont see my ‘daily discovery’ playlist in roon? I cant find it …I just have 8 ‘my mix’ playlists as far as I can see. What can I try to resolve this?

Hey @Andrew_Hulme,

Thanks for letting me know! A good thing to note with the Daily Discovery for Tidal, it’s not yet available through Roon directly due to API reasons.

There is a workaround though! You can follow the steps below to create your Daily Discovery as a playlist in Roon:

  1. Log into Tidal directly and make My Daily Discovery into a Tidal Playlist
    a. Click Add to playlist> Make new playlist (you could name it My Daily Discovery_Date)
  2. While still in Tidal, mark the playlist created above as a favorite
  3. The playlist will then show up in the list of Roon playlists that you have created. You’ll have to wait until Roon syncs with Tidal, but you should be able to see it relatively soon after its creation!

I’ve made a note to add this as a feature request to our internal team though, as it has been mentioned in the past!

Now to dig deeper into some of the missing tracks you mentioned, a good first step in troubleshooting this issue is to log out of your Tidal account both in Roon and from Tidal directly. Then, re-login using your email address with Tidal directly first, following with re-logging in through Roon. This will oftentimes help re-sync your Roon account with your Tidal account.

Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Roon (build 952) before re-logging in as well.

Let me know if your issue still persists after trying out the above! I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply.

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