Tidal Not Playing with Roon

Tidal not playing “nice” with Roon. I have signed out and in to Tidal numerous times. It shows up, but next to Versions, spinner endlessly spinning. If I then go to Tidal under browse, I get the Roon symbol “pulsing”. That is it. If I try to to overview, same thing. If I sign out of Tidal, and use my existing library everything is fine. What do I do? I have rebooted my desktop and router. same problem. I have 1327 albums in my library without Tidal. With Tidal, I have 1966. Therefore, Tidal is a big part of my listening experience. That includes MQA! Please help solve this problem!!!


It appears Tidal is having issues in some countries. See the post titled TIDAL tracks over 7:00 becoming unavailable in the Tidal section which was created about 7 hours ago.