Tidal not syching after i changed my email

i updated tidal to my new email and then tried to enter the tidal account info into roon but it does not synch from my existing tidal music library. Roon does let me save tidal music to roon but i am being forced to recreate my tidal library. I have logged out of tidal in roon twice and rebooted the nucleus and my qnap but it did not help

also if i add a tidal cd in roon it does show up in tidal when i log straight into tidal itself. just will not pull my existing tidal library into roon.

If i go direct into Tidal and select new music and then if i go into the Services tab in roon settings and tell tidal to synch now the new tidal music comes into roon but my existing library does not

Rebooting the core often sorts these types of issues.

i rebooted the nucleus and the qnap. Did not fix it

the album, track count , etc… on Overview page is showing quantities that are less than what these numbers were before I signed out of Tidal in Roon? I had about 90,000 tracks and 4,000 albums before I signed out and went back into tidal with my new email address. I started to look through my roon albums and i dont think any are missing…could it be that the count on the Overview page is less than it really is. (???)

forget last reply . I can see that there is stuff from tidal missing in roon

You said above that your existing tidal library had not been sync’d. Has most of your library now turned up? If you pick an album that has not appeared in Roon, is it a favourite in Tidal?
Just to be clear, they aren’t hiding under duplicates are they? (show hidden tracks and albums in settings)

Try logging in with your old details.

no, only some but not all of the existing is in roon. I rebooted all the components again. Rescanned the qnap nas, etc… qnap ripped cd’s are in roon but only some of tidal. Not hiding in duplicates. Setting are correct.

Old tidal account settings do not work either

Have most turned up and just a few missing, or vice versa?

Does library maintenance > clean up library show anything untoward?

Another thought…
From the menu, TIDAL, Your favourites, View All albums. Can you find an album that appears there that is not showing in your Roon library? (this may take a bit of scrolling!).
If you can, then that is wierd. Select it. It will say Add to Library because Roon will maintain it is looking at the album on Tidal. Now add it. If it almost immediately changes to Focus on Similar, then Roon thinks it was in your library all along. You can check If instead it was newly added by looking at overview.

To be honest, I don’t know whether this will prove anything other than Roon has got its knickers in a twist, but it may show something.

library maintenance show 42 deleted albums but nothing else odd.
If I am in Roon and go to Tidal and look at all the albums? I really can’t tell. Too many to sort through. What I can tell you is that Overview is missing about 2/3 of what was there before i changed my email address in tidal and roon. Used to be around 4,000 albums (1,400 ripped cd’s on qnap included plus my tidal collection)

I did notice that one particular album was missing from roon (a tidal album) and when in roon i searched tidal and selected add to library and yes it changed to focus on similar and it did not add the album to roon. Running in circles here

one thing i see is the when in Library the background audio analysis speed is showing that it is “Analyzing” something. It is continuing to add to the total and is now showing about 8,000 out of 18,000. I also logged out and into tidal again (in roon) and see that total albums showing in Overview increased by about 100.
(???) But total albums in Overview has not changed since even though the counter is going up in the Analysis

Roon is scanning through your files on the Qnap, see this KB article. I don’t understand why it’s doing this - it should have been done already before all your current problems. Have you started a new database?

I agree. Time to call the professionals. @support

@support Tidal stopped synching after i entered my new email account info.
Qnap for ripped cd’s
Meridian 218 endpoint

Hi @Pete_Sherman,

So just to verify that I’m correct:

  • TIDAL + Roon was working fine
  • You changed your TIDAL email address
  • Since then, only new TIDAL content is syncing to Roon and everything that was previously in your TIDAL account (and Roon) is missing

Is that correct?

I’d like to know if syncing TIDAL to a fresh database yields any different results. Please see the following steps:

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Stop RoonServer from running in Nucleus’s WebUI
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Database
  • Log in to TIDAL and sync your TIDAL library

Do you see everything appear when doing this?

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