TIDAL Not Working Properly

I am struggling with the same thing. Tried clearing cache, logging in and out, rebooting my nucleus but no luck. @support to help with this.

Hi @Jason_Miller1,

I have split your post into it’s own thread so that I can better assist you. Can you please let me know the following?

  1. If you navigate to listen.tidal.com from a PC on the same network, do you have any issues playing tracks?

  2. How are you selecting these tracks, are they from a playlist or from manual searches? If you try to perform a manual search of a track, does that work as expected?

  3. What is your network setup like? Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of your router and any additional networking gear?

  4. How fast is your network? If you navigate to speedtest.net, what is the reported upload/download speed?

you rock. I discovered I had two tidal accounts and one was inactive. When I signed into the correct account it worked. Thank you!

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Hi @Jason_Miller1,

Happy to help! Any further questions, just let us know.

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