TIDAL on Plex...yikes!

(simon arnold) #41

Web client needs to be on 3.77.2, the latest web client on the server is only 3.69.1

(Mike Ormerod) #42

Yeah mine is 3.69.1

(Tim) #43

Simon / Mike,

Are you running off of one of Plex’s cloud servers? They all go end of life today.


(simon arnold) #44

No local server. They have their own web app in built for maintenance you connect using local ip. This is what Tidal doesnt work on. The plex.tv web app is via plex own servers and is on a different version to the local server. Their apps work you just cant use the local web app for it. Poor implementaion.as per the norm, no standards across all their apps.

(simon arnold) #45

(Mike Ormerod) #46

Same, local server

(Tim) #47


I just checked and the web client on my local server is also 3.69.1.

I’ve always used the plex.tv web app and not my local server … what am I missing?


(simon arnold) #48

Nothing, if you use the plex.tv web app then you ok. I dont I use it I use my local one which currently can’t see the tidal integration because its behind versions to the plex.tv one. Since they just release an update to the server they should have updated the web client on it at the same time. Plex constantly release things that are inconsistent which is annoying and ignore bugs that have been around for god knows how long.

(Jeff) #49

Doesn’t matter if it’s played to a stereo, tv or cup via a string, without gapless I wouldn’t use it.

I got around the issue by maintaining an aac version of my library for mobile. At home it’s Roon.

(Elan Feingold) #50

The Plex iOS and Android apps do gapless playback when streaming your library, inside and outside of the home. Either direct play of FLAC, e.g. or transcoding to Opus.

(Jeff) #51

Yes we know, but it didn’t until just recently.


Why? (I’m just curios). I simply don’t get this gapless thing. 90% of my music is not gapless by design (except for the classical, live and some special cases, Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd to name a few). Everything else, including (or especially) the playlists, they just don’t feel natural (to me) without 2 or 3 seconds in between…
This is way I’m at the other end, gaped play is what I need :slight_smile:

(Geoff Coupe) #53

Trying to listen to Opera that is not gapless is like constantly missing your step on the stairs.


I’m listening to a lot of clasic and some other stuf that needs to be played gapless and i get the idea, what I don’t really get is the fact that there is no media server/player out there to offer a smart option regarding gapples/gapped playing. It’s gapples or gapped, nothing in between (a manual/auto/smart way of decide what to play gapples and what not, not even a dumb switch gapless/gapped)…

(Derek Wyman) #55

I have a large collection of bootlegs. Live concerts with gaps is miserable.


I give up, gapless it is…

(Elan Feingold) #57

IMHO it’s not gapless vs not-gapless, it’s more like playing as originally intended. Some albums are designed to be heard gaplessly (opera, live, classical), but even some rock albums are designed to flow (beyond just The Wall). When they’re not, the gap should be encoded in the audio, so even when you play it gaplessly, there will be space between tracks As The Artist Intended.

(simon arnold) #58

Makes me laugh that so far in to digital audios lifespan, gapless playback is still an issue. This should have been put to bed many years ago. Even some high end kit still struggles unless you use one peice of software, looking at you Naim here. Its really inexcusable.


You should start cry…there is no light at the end of the tunel. :grinning: These days is all about how developers intended! As for the developers… only good words!

(Mike Plugge) #60

As mentioned here:

Initially, only the hosted web app will be a high enough version to access TIDAL content. The web app bundled with Plex Media Server will be updated in the future.