TIDAL on Roon - Not all Albums available?

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Hi Roon,
I experienced that I can’t find some albums that are available on TIDAL. Just wanted to play the Frozen II soundtrack for my kids (German version).

In the Tidal app, I can easily search for “Die Eiskönigin 2” and the audio book as well as the soundtrack show up.

If I now do the exact same search on Roon, the soundtrack is missing!

Not sure what the issue here is, but it’s quite frustrating. Please provide help.

Best Robert

2 thoughts

Is it a new album , it often takes a day or two to show

Have you searched in English. I am not sure how international the search is

Hi Mike,

  1. about 1 year old
  2. the search should obviously not translate. It’s a German album with German lyrics

Best Robert

Hi @Robert_Wagner1,

In this case, the various language releases of the Frozen 2 soundtrack are listed as alternate versions of the US Frozen 2 soundtrack. If you go to the Versions tab on the Frozen 2 soundtrack you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Apologies for the confusion!

Hi Dylan,

Sorry - I still can’t find it. If I do a search for “Frozen 2 soundtrack” It shows the Korean, Netherlands, Japanese, Mandarin, Somalian version. No US soundtrack. Also: Why would the German version be listed as a version of the US soundtrack, while the others stand alone? It is a unique album with other artists. I can’t even find the songs if I search for the artists name and the song title. The way that this is handled seems to be not correct.

Best Robert

Hi Dylan,

any idea how to solve this? Still can’t find the Album.

Best Robert

Hi @Robert_Wagner1,

Sorry for the trouble here — We’re reaching out to our metadata provider on this. We’ll be sure to follow up once we hear back from them.

By the way: same issue for Frozen 1 and a lot of other Disney Soundtracks.

I now have to play those songs via SONOS - there is no issue with the Tidal integration.

Really annoying.


Still no solution here…

Those problems affect basically all Disney Soundtracks. It’s easy to find them in the TIDAL app but no chance in roon. Even if I add them to my Tidal collections, for some titles the language version is then wrong in Roon. Is that really not to fix?

Best Robert

Hello @Robert_Wagner1,

Thank you this much for keeping this thread alive - we’re very sorry we’ve missed it for about a month :see_no_evil:

I’ve looped in @dylan and our technical team so they can help with the next steps.

Hello @Robert_Wagner1,

Thank you for being this incredible patient. I wanted to follow up as I’ve been in touch with our technical team and they confirmed knowing of this issue. We’re sorry you’re impacted by it.

This is now an item on our team’s agenda for the upcoming meeting on metadata. We’ll follow up once we have more updates on this.

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