Tidal playback in Roon possibly not contributing to Tidal recommendations/recents

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

2 machines: One Win7 x64 core desktop, one Win10 x64 core Surface Go. Roon 1.6 (416)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

N/A. Wired ethernet, no network problems.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

N/A Gustard U12 USB converter.

Description Of Issue

This is actually a report of something that seems to be a Tidal integration issue, but might be an issue on Tidal’s side or Roon’s side, I’m not sure how to tell.

It appears that tracks played through Roon to not affect Tidal’s recommendations engine. In the Tidal app, Roon play does not affect the list of recently played tracks, and seems to thus not affect their “recommended for you” “because you listened to” etc suggestions, and my My Mixes seem to not update when I’ve been using Roon unlike when I use the Tidal app. If I use SONOS, all of the above do get updated.

I initially posted this in a “feature request”, however, I reached out to Tidal support and according to them, this actually is supposed to already be working. From their perspective, playback in Roon does affect their recommendation engine same as if played in Tidal. That seems to not be working currently at least for me.

It’s entirely possible this is a problem on Tidal’s end, but I wanted to run it by Roon support in case it’s a Roon issue, or even just a config setting I may have missed.


Hi @MusiPhile,

Thanks for the report here. I am seeing similar behavior on my end and I have placed an inquiry with the QA team to take a closer look at this behavior. I will reach out to you again once I hear back from them.

– Noris

Hi MusiPhile,

The recommendations between Roon and Tidal seems to be working for me. Things I’ve only had played in Roon Radio have shown up in the “Because you Listened to …” section of Tidal. However, I am not sure how “fast” this is. Tidal is showing me things I played a week or more ago.

As a test, I have just played a couple of songs which I would not normally play, one in my local Tidal software and one in Roon. I will see how long it takes to reflect.

As a contrast, this is not instantaneous within Tidal’s own ecosystem; as things I have played in my Desktop Tidal, do not show up automatically in my mobile Tidal app (several hours on at this point).

Thanks for taking a look at this! So far, I haven’t seen any Roon-played tracks show up in my Tidal recently played, however I’ve only been using Roon a little over a week so far (I’m still in the trial.) If it lags considerably, perhaps it will still update at a later time.

That’s one issue that’s factoring into my decision if I actually buy in (4 days left on the trial.) since, obviously, not feeding the music discovery would mean using Roon actually hinders my tools for finding new music. It sounds like it’s something that’s supposed to work, so if it’s just an account specific issue or something that should be resolvable.

As of now (day 10), none of my Roon played tracks are in the Tidal list. (Other than once that were played in both players, of course.) I’ll update over the coming days if anything turns up!

Just an update that, so far, there is still no appearance of Roon-played tracks in Recently Played for me. Tracks I played last night in Tidal’s app are visible in mobile and on another PC this morning. Tracks played in Roon over the past 12 days are not.

I can’t go by the “because you listened to” because the items there have been things I have likely played both in Roon and Tidal, so it’s not clear if that’s being affected or not (however there hasn’t been anything in there I know I played only in Roon.) But I can say the My Mixes have stopped frequently updating since I started mostly using Roon.

This is probably not helpful, but…

I was curious about this, so I checked. I launched the Tidal app, and saw lots of recent plays under “recent activity” that I had played in the past couple of days. All of it through Roon. Can’t remember the last time I even opened the Tidal app.

“My Mixes” and “recommended for you” also appear to be current and relevant based on my Roon usage.

Odd that what you are seeing is different. I have the single/personal (not family or discounted or anything) US Tidal Hifi subscription and a single Roon profile connected to it, if that makes any difference.

Well, it’s very helpful to know that it does/should/can work even if it’s not working for me! Thank you! If so it becomes a “something is wrong with it working on my account” issue rather than “the feature is broken in Roon/Tidal.”

That makes it that much more confusing as to why it’s not happening to me. Here’s a question, is this stuff that came up through starting a Roon Radio session based on tracks in your library, or through browsing the “Tidal” section directly? I think i’ve done both but I just did a test of playing the new Madonna track showing up in the “new releases” because it’s definitely something I haven’t listened to via any other method. I let Roon Radio kick in. Backstreet Boys is on now. I’m in agony. But if that shows up in my lists, I know it’s coming through Roon!

Mine is also single user US HiFi sub - and a single Roon (trial) profile. I had Tidal before I had Roon, so it’s possible that affected something.

Here’s another possibility for Support: Is it possible that switching between two Roon cores could affect the syncing of this data? I wouldn’t think so since the playback should be fed to Tidal at the time of playback, but it’s worth checking since I do have a home and work core I have been toggling between.

The items I played, like you stuff I don’t normally, haven’t shown up yet in Tidal. That includes the stuff I played only in Tidal. It seems only the player in which I played the track is showing it as recently played. So the track I played on Desktop 1 in the Tidal app, is not registering on my mobile’s Tidal app as having been played.

So for me, Tidal by itself is kind of screwy when using two different Tidal apps and the same account. I guess if you ever only accessed Tidal from 1 device, you might never notice.

Yes, almost always. But since you mention that, I noticed that all the Tidal “recent activity” are titles that I also have added to my Roon library. I haven’t seen anything yet that was a random Tidal track played by Roon radio that is not already in my Roon library. (Hope that parses.)

That’s interesting. We all seem to have different experiences, which does maybe point to the idea that it’s a Tidal problem. Maybe?

In my case, if I play something in Tidal, at least a few hours later it shows up in all my Tidal apps as recent (mobile, and other PC.), so “intra-Tidal” works fine for me but not Roon.

Hmm, good to know. In my case, I’ve done both in library and not in library, Radio, and direct play…and nothing. And it’s 2 Roon cores, so it’s not a “log out and back in” kind of fix.

But that’s a good bet, let me try something I haven’t done from Tidal in a while from my Roon library and see if any magic happens.

P.S. I should also note that most of the Tidal albums added to my Roon library are added when they pop up randomly in Roon radio. This also adds them to my Tidal collection. So maybe that’s what my Tidal “recent activity” is showing.

Same usage pattern for me. I primarily took interest in Roon for the Roon Radio, and it’s discovery ability. Most of my adding comes from there as well (other than things I add from within Tidal’s app from recommendations.)

So weird though, library or not, so far, nothing shows up from Roon.

I should also add, my one core is a Roon Server installation, and the other is a full local install with the UI. I don’t think that makes a difference and I don’t think either of them are adding to the list…but it could be relevant.

Hello All,

I spoke to the team regarding this issue and they have noted that this behavior is likely on TIDAL’s end and not ours. As far as we know, TIDAL tracks these play counts (even the ones from Roon) but for some reason they are not being properly reflected on the TIDAL app side. I would suggest that you reach out to TIDAL support regarding this behavior to make them aware.

– Noris

Thanks for the update! I’ll have to reach out to Tidal again regarding this. Their support is way more responsive than most other streaming services, so hopefully there will be something to report back! Is there any information that may be important to pass into them so they understand this is something Roon itself is aware of and has identified it as likely a Tidal issue?

Hi @MusiPhile,

You can feel free to forward them this thread in your message to them. There isn’t really much visibility on our end what occurs with the play count and why it is not being properly reflected.

– Noris

Thanks, will do, and I’ll keep the thread informed. Tidal’s pretty good about escalating things when they get sufficient info, so if they know Roon is aware of the issue and recommending it upward, I expect they’ll take a look into it pretty quickly.

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Update:. So, tidal support looked at it and seems to be punting it back at Roon… :shrug: (last week i did start seeing some limited sync from Roon plays to Tidal recommendations… So it’s occasionally working… Wherever the problem is…)


Thank you for your detailed response!

The My mixes, Because You Listened To features have a logic integrated within the Tidal app, that offers recommendation based on how Tidal interprets your play selections. Roon being a third party app may run into interoperability issues, these issues needs to be bought to Roons attention. As far as the “recently played” matching on both desktops for two different PC’s, just know that your one account should look the same on any PC that you are logged into, your profile is not stored locally.

You are correct in that there is a difference between the Desktop and Mobile clients. In order to maintain consistent operation between the two clients, there is a synchronization that can delay updates in some cases to 24 hours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if further questions arise.

Have a wonderful day!
Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist

Love that they have a tech support guy named Chester.

Update: so tidal wanted to monitor my home network for connection problems before escalating to higher tiers. That was a bizarre request i put off, but in the meantime it seems like it’s now working properly… I don’t know how reliably, but it is. I they closed out the ticket though after i informed them.

Not sure if they changed something, or Roon did, accidentally with the server side updates for the search problems… But someone changed something, somewhere, and it appears to be working for now. @noris

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Hi @MusiPhile,

Thanks for the update! I am not sure what changed here, but glad to hear that the TIDAL plays from Roon are now being properly tracked.

– Noris