Tidal playback to DAC stops 3-4 sec into track

Roon Core Machine

Macbook pro (16", 2019)
MacOS Monterrey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Gigabit fiber (CenturyLink)
CenturyLink-supplied modem
Google Nest Mesh router
Google Nest wifi points

Connected Audio Devices

Roon core => Topping D70 DAC (USB) => Topping A90 Discrete (balanced) => headphones

Number of Tracks in Library

0 - only use streaming

Description of Issue

My issue almost exactly mimics the one below. However, I haven’t been able to resolve it by restarting any of the devices. Not sure what “resetting the switch” meant exactly in the solution for that one.

To reiterate, Tidal playback stops 3-4 sec into song when the playback device is the D70 DAC. Subsequent attempts to play a track result in a message at the bottom saying (connection to Tidal is slow/unstable) and the track progress slider advancing rapidly through several tracks - skipping several seconds or more each second. Same behavior repeats when app is restarted.

When I try playback through system audio, I have no issues.

Do you mean playback using Roon out to System Audio?

@Rugby correct. When I set output to “system output” everything works fine.

I’ve also tried factory resetting the DAC, the issue persists.


Just noticed you were new, so Hi! BTW, I’m a fellow user helping out.

Is the core attached via Ethernet or Wifi? If Wifi, then try using an ethernet cable as a test and see if playback is stable.

Hello! It’s connected via Wifi, and there’s no easy way to connect it via ethernet at the moment.

However, this is almost certainly a device and not a network issue, since playback through Tidal onto the core’s system audio works just fine.

Any updates @Rugby ?

If I connect my DAC to another computer, I’m able to play from Tidal with no issues. When I connect it back to my core, the issue persists. Basically stops playing after 3-4 seconds and then claims to have poor connectivity. The core has no connectivity issues.

Bump, I’m still having this issue. Is there a member of Roon support that can help me?