Tidal playlist not synced completely


Currently I’m running Roon in a temporary setup. Roon is running from my desktop (windows 10, 64bit, AMD2600X w 16gb RAM) and I mainly access music via my TIDAL HIFI subscription.

I would like to make local copies of my Tidal playlists, so I can update them via Roon from now on.

The playlist I use the most counts 315 tracks in TIDAL and 261 in Roon. It is not random songs missing, but the 54 latest additions to the playlist. Steps I tried:
-Sync TIDAL in Roon via sync-button and settings menu.
-Log off/on TIDAL in Roon.
-Rename playlist in TIDAL > name-change got through to Roon immediatly, but tracks still missing.
-Add track to other playlist in TIDAL > sync Roon > track also not showing.

As far as I can guesstimate my TIDAL playlists were only synced when I installed Roon (end Oct '18).

Try clearing the Tidal cache. Instructions are in 2nd part.

Thanks so much! That solved it!

I do hope Roon will clear the cache automatically from now on…

I’ve been using roon a while now and haven’t had to do this. so hopefully you will be OK in future.

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