Tidal playlist suddenly not fully syncing to Roon

Roon Core Machine

Mac Air M2, 16 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No idea what router I have, I’m on WiFi, 150mb up/down

Connected Audio Devices

No connected audio devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Playlist is 5449 tracks

Description of Issue

Tidal playlist is 5449 tracks. However, I suddenly only have access to 249 tracks on Roon. No idea what happened or changed, but I’ve tried logging out and in, restarting Roon, etc.

Hey @Pretty_Flacko,

Ben here with the support team, I took a look at your account recently and saw that all 5K+ tracks had synced with your account. Can you confirm you’re seeing all your tracks?

If not, please share a timestamp of when this issue occurred and we can enable diagnostics on your account :+1:


Hello, Ben:

Unfortunately, I am out of the country and only have my old computer, but on this one (which I assume should have my Tidal playlist fully synced) I have under 2,000 tracks available. This issue first occurred, that I noticed, on August 3rd.

Thank you.

Hey @Pretty_Flacko,

Are you able to provide more details in regards to your old computer? Do you have it set up as your roon core? If so, are you able to provide screenshots of your settings>services>tidal page?

Have you tried forcing a rescan manually between your tidal and roon account? If possible, please include screenshots of your original playlist in tidal as well.


Hello! Just letting you know that the error seems to have resolved itself. I’m back in the country and just checked my computer. Thank you so much.

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