Tidal playlists are empty [Solved]

Now that my local library is present, I notice that all my Tidal playlists are empty.
Is this expected behaviour or is there anything I can do about this?

EDIT: this happened after I deleted my library to start from scratch

Hey @Kopftelefon, apologize for slow response here. Are you still having this problem? Thanks.

It’s fixed.
I don’t know if me deleting and re-adding a playlist in tidal triggered some sort of sync process or if it happened all of it’s own, but my tidal playlists are populated again.

Most probably, account re-sync did the trick. Thanks for update.

I have the same problem.

My TIDAL playlist are empty or nearly empty (4 songs from 250). Disconnecting and reconnecting the TIDAL account doesn´t help.

What can I do ?

Solved. relogin doesn´t help. The small resync button is the solution (know I know what you mean with resync).