Tidal Playlists - how to find?

I am new to Roon and love it but can’t figure out how to find my playlists I have created in Tidal (outside of Roon). Please help. Thanks

Have you signed in to Tidal in roon?

Once you have connected Tidal to Roon, the playlists show up automatically in the Roon section “Playlists”. Also favorited albums and artists.

I only have artist and albums under my “Your favorites”. Can someone add a screenshot on how it looks?

Are you looking in Tidal or roon?

I find them in Tidal. I wanted to check out My Mix, and read that I had to save it as a play list before it shows up in Roon? Did last week but I can see this or other playlist. Have synced and log off and on Tidal.

I have the same problem–I have several playlists in Tidal, but they do not show up in Roon. I am signed into Tidal on Roon, and I have synced my account several times. None of my playlists show up under “Playlists”, and none of my playlists show up under “Your Favorites”. But if I open Tidal outside of Roon I can find albums I’ve saved while inside Roon.
Is this normal?

Looks like this is still an issue with Roon 1.7. I’m seeing all of Tidal’s generated playlists under Tidal -> Playlists but none of my personal Tidal playlists show up, nor can I add anything I find in Tidal via Roon to one of those playlists. I’ve been a Tidal subscriber for a few years and have some well-curated playlists, disappointed that I can’t access those in Roon.

Anyone know if this is roadmapped?

You should see your own Tidal playlists. No you can’t add to one though.
I would raise a support ticket for not seeing the playlists.

If it is the my mix Playlists I am not sure they show through to Roon. I suspect you may need to create a personal cope of the mix you are interested in and then it should come through into Room

Obviously fat fingers got roon wrong there😡

Thx! Def not seeing them in Playlists nor in Favorites (but I am seeing my album, artist, and track Favorites). Will sub a ticket.

I had never fooled with Tidal Playlists in Tidal or Roon until a few days ago. I normally don’t use playlists and prefer to listen to complete albums start to finish. Having just started using Tidal Playlists in Roon, it’s a great feature. I go into Tidal and search out the playlists I want to favor, then go into Roon-Settings-Services-Tidal-Edit-Sync Library Now. A whole new way to enjoy music for me. Reason enough to keep Tidal, I think.

I’m really enjoying this one right now: