TIDAL Playlists take a long time to sync in Roon


I have the same issue, where changes to Tidal playlist is taking forever to sync to Roon, i’ve read many posts about this issue and for some reason it’s all the time a surprise for every Roon personel, you never heard about it or can’t reproduce the issue, it’s very simple, many users have this issue that playlists from Tidal doesn’t or are very long time to sync.
i’ve tried to logout of Tidal in Roon and remove the account entirely but when adding the same Tidal account again, the same out of sync Tidal playlist’s is added.
i really think that Roon has to get their act together about this Tidal integration, everybody else like ex. sonos does this much better and don’t get me started on Sporify and other streaming integrations!

Hello @Bo_Hjortstrand,

Thanks for contacting support, we appreciate your feedback and please know that we are dedicated to improving Roon as much as possible through your suggestions.

Can I please ask you how you were able to reproduce this issue on your end? I have gone ahead and attempted to reproduce the issue on my end by:

  1. Opening both the Roon App and TIDAL App
  2. Adding a track to an existing playlist from the TIDAL App
  3. Navigating back in Roon and update the TIDAL sync
  4. Seeing tracks are present in playlist and I am able to play said tracks

Generally speaking, we only perform a check for new TIDAL content occasionally (once a day from what I remember but I can confirm with our Dev team), so if you have added new content to playlists before the sync of the day has occurred, it is very possible that is why the tracks may not be initially visible in Roon.

To force an update on your TIDAL library in Roon there are two options:

Option 1: Settings -> Services -> TIDAL Edit -> Sync Library Now. It should look something like this:

Option 2: Navigate to your TIDAL tab under “Browse” and click the refresh icon to re-sync with the TIDAL library. It looks like this:

I hope this helps but if you are still having trouble finding music please provide the steps you are taking so that I can reproduce this issue on my end.


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I have the same problem. Tidal works fine, but the playlists stay empty. Very annoying.
I did all the resyncing and rebooting but nothing happens.
Installed Roon on a Mac mini as the core with OS EL Captain installed.
Should I go to Sierra? Makes the mini slower.
Tidal’s app on the computer is receiving updates all the time: is it possible that this is part of the problem?
Is the Tidal app within Roon updating itself or should the installed Tidal on the computer be updated?

not yet solved, but adding a track to a playlist in Tidal and then syncing ignites something in Roon; the playlist appears suddenly, but not the track I just added! Very strange. Also trying to add a track in Roon to an existing playlist in Tidal does not work; the playlists are not there. I can only make a new one. Making and sharing playlists is one of my favourites in Tidal, so if this doesn’t work in Roon I have to stay in Tidal. Unfortunately… So can Roon please solve this problem? There must be users out there who experience the same problem. Are there?

Hello @Paul_Gies,

Can you please provide the steps you used to add the track to the playlist and it was not appearing for you? I have just tried the following and it is working for me:

  1. Opened the TIDAL app, chose an existing playlist and added a new track to it
  2. Went back in Roon and synced my TIDAL library using the instructions listed above
  3. TIDAL track I added appeared under that playlist in Roon

As to address your second question, TIDAL playlists cannot be updated through Roon because they are read-only, meaning while we can pull content/playlists from TIDAL, we cannot update TIDAL content from Roon. The solution here would be for you to save the TIDAL playlist as a local copy, and then make any edits you require that way. To save a TIDAL playlist as a local copy, navigate to your playlists in the side bar, press the 3-dot drop down menu for the desired TIDAL playlist, press Edit, and there you will see the option of “Save a Local Copy”, it should look something like this:

Please keep in mind that updating the playlist will not automatically update on the TIDAL side as well, since this is a technical limitation to how TIDAL is set up in Roon. While I agree that it would be a good feature to have, I cannot comment on when this would be implemented or if it is even possible. I hope this helps but if you have any other questions, just let me know.


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The guidance provided here by Noris works for me and as expected. Would be nice to place a sync button on the Tidal page link, but as long as I know where to find it, it works for me.


Hello @Lewisr650,

Happy to hear that the advice has worked for you! You can also sync using the “Refresh” button outlined in the top-left of this page:

Hope that helps!


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