Tidal Playlists -- two questions

We saw it, and we do appreciate the feedback, even if we don’t always have time to respond.

To be clear for the original poster:

  • You can favorite or create playlists in TIDAL, and then you absolutely should have access to them in Roon

  • You can browse TIDAL playlists in Roon from the Playlists tab of the TIDAL screen, as well as from the What’s New section

  • You can also favorite add tracks or albums to your library in Roon, and those will be synced back to your TIDAL favorites as well

What you can’t do right now is edit imported playlists in Roon, and that goes for:

  • playlists we found in your iTunes library
  • M3U playlists we found in your watched folders
  • TIDAL playlists attached to your account

As a general principle, Roon is designed to never modify the files on your hard drive – that’s one reason we don’t allow for editing or updating of M3U playlists or playlists from iTunes.

As for TIDAL playlists, it would be possible to sync some changes back to TIDAL, but there a number of cases where it doesn’t really work, as I discussed here.

For now, if you want to continue editing playlists you’ve imported from anywhere, you can just make a local copy:


We absolutely understand the desire to sync playlists you make in Roon back to your phone for on-the-go use, so know that we’re thinking of truly first-class ways to address that need in the future, guys.