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Antipodes Audio CX is the Core

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Antipodes Audio CX & EX, Playback Designs Dream DAC

Issue Description

Tidal does not show up in my Roon system and it always has. When i try to login to Tidal through Settings/Services/ it says “bad username or password”. However, i can log in directly into Tidal with my password/username and get in just fine. I was using tidal as late as last week without problem. What do think i am doing wrong? Thank you.

Kindest regards, van dukeman.

Hi @Van_Dukeman,

Have you made sure to place your full login on the Settings/Services tab? This would include your email address at the end as well. Can you verify if the same login works on the TIDAL web player (listen.tidal.com)?


Hi Noris:

I was able to login to listen.tidal.com with my username and password. You say full login on Roon—i go to Settings/Services/Tidal then click on login and enter my username(my email address) and password. It still comes up “bad username or password). When i am on the Settings/Services page, it does say next to Tidal “not configured”. Not sure that matters.

HI @Van_Dukeman,

Thanks for confirming that. Can you try rebooting your Core and Networking Gear and let me know if that helps?


The rebooting of the Core & Network gear worked!! Tidal is now working. Thank you.

Kindest regards, Van

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