Tidal problems, mainly song identification

Running core on a m1 Mac mini. No problems with core typically.

I have been trying out a new browser Orion which blocks javascript and cookies. I have “allowed” Tidal but Tidal continues to Block me. I had to re-login from Roon, which I did. Now Roon is playing great, all playlists, albums, etc are present and accounted for.

The issue is Identification. It is “stuck” not identifying songs, the little arrow keeps going around and round. Playback is fine, its just annoying to have that there and identification not happening.

EDIT: replacing wrong link with correct picture

CleanShot 2023-03-14 at 15.53.27

Does anyone else have this problem?

Happens to me on my m1 mini. If I add in roon too many albums it hangs like that, and the added ones are not displayed on the Home recently added. A Roon Server app reboot on the mini usually helps (sometimes better restart the comp). After that I find the albums were added and all is ok. Sometimes I blame HQP that runs on the same mini, must be eating the cpu and roon gets slow to very slow and hangs like that. It gets worse if days are passing by without a restart, 5 or 7 days. It gets on my nerves and I just add albums from tidal app :slight_smile:

The other message, Metadata improver, I have never seen.

Yep, stuck as hell. Processing, processing, processing…

I think problem is bigger than that, local also not work (new files not show, also after force rescan), all libraries broken for now.

When I try to go in focus to my files I have different results, some miss, some show but only for short and miss.

Whats going on?!

Somehow it just went away, maybe overnight?

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