Tidal Radio and Artist Masters don't play well on DAP

Great new MQA feature on Tidal but I’m finding that while the Master Track Radio Stations and Master Artists Radio stations are playing via Roon and on the Tidal desktop app on my Mac, these playlists are not playing well as offline content on my Astell & Kern SP 1000–specifically, they stop playing after the first track or a few tracks later. [the Tidal Master playlists released months ago are playing on all devices as are Tidal albums I’ve downloaded for offline listening] Anyone else having a similar problem?


Description Of Issue


Hi @Norman_Spector,

Do you have any issues with non MQA content?

If you play to a different endpoint (even if it’s not an MQA DAC) is there any change or do you still see the stoppages?

The Masters Radio and Artist playlists are all MQA

I’ve been testing various playlists and think it has something to do with the DAC in the Astell and Kern which doesn’t play well with track changes of differing resolutions. The Master Radio and Master Artist playlists are replete with such changes [and play well on my Meridian DAC] whereas album tracks are generally the same resolution as are Tidal Master playlists of a single artist which play well on the Astell and Kern

Have been in touch with Astell&Kern and it seems the issue arises with the open android app on the SP1000 but not on the embedded Tidal app on the unit, so they will contact Tidal which is responsible for maintaining the former but not the latter

Thanks for the update, @Norman_Spector! Let me know what they say and if there is anything we can do to assist.

Thanks Dylan. Would be interesting to know whether others listening to Tidal MQA Master Radio and Artist playlists experience stoppage in listening on DAP MQA endpoints using Tidal’s open android or iOs app [there’s no issue listening via Roon]

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