Tidal/Roon Integration Partially Broken [Resolved - DNS change]

My Roon/Tidal integration is partially broken. I cannot load any album information or tracks from Tidal section of the Roon application, however items from my library that are only available via Tidal are accessible and stream-able. I can successfully sign out and then back in again to Tidal via the Roon application in the Settings => Services section. The broken behavior persists though even through multiple logout/login cycles.

My Roon core runs on the SLES15SP2 Linux system. The Roon client I’m using is on Windows 10. I logged out of Tidal via Roon on Windows, stopped Core, removed the Cache directory, completely uninstalled on Roon on Windows, restarted Core, re-installed on Windows, logged back into Tidal via the Roon application and the problem persists just the same.

I looked in the Roon Server logs and I’m getting a lot of 403 errors from metadata.roonlabs.net, but access to the Tidal API seems fine:
01/24 10:40:27 Debug: [easyhttp] [160] GET to https://metadata.roonlabs.net/1/albums/166:0:151112316/tracks?c=tidal-us returned after 153 ms, status code: 403
01/24 10:40:28 Trace: [tidal/http] GET https://api.tidal.com/v1/tracks/152662368/playbackinfopostpaywall?countryCode=US&audioquality=HI_RES&assetpresentation=FULL&playbackmode=STREAM => Success

I don’t recall the last time I used it successfully. Maybe Wednesday (1/20) or Thursday (1/21).

I found a fix I think.

After some more searching around the forums, I found someone saying to use public DNS rather than your ISP DNS. Changing from Comcast DNS to DNS seems to have fixed this issue.

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