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I know there’s been a few Tidal search type issues but here is another example.

When I do a search in Tidal with Wichita Lineman, for instance, and look at tracks I get a long list including Jimmy Webb. In the Tidal search within Roon the track list is a lot shorter and doesn’t include the Jimmy Webb track. Why the inconsistency?

I’m having the same issue (one year later than you). When I go into Roon and search for “Teagan and Sara”, the Roon results under albums doesn’t show any of the Tidal albums (which there are many, and at least 5 in MQA format). If I do the same search in Tidal I get a full listing. The only way I found out to play back those tracks via Roon was to add them to a playlist. I then had to enable “shared playlists” which is disabled by default for some reason.

What gives with the different search results?

Can you post a screenshot, and let us know what country your TIDAL account is tied to? I am seeing 59 album results on TIDAL for that search:

We are hoping the TIDAL API gives us a little more visibility into the MQA content soon. This was discussed here.

I’m in the USA. However, I just figured it out. If I search for “Tegan and Sara” and then select “Tidal Artists”, I get the following stream of items. However, if instead of selecting the artist, I select “Tidal Albums” I get the full list. So for some reason the results of selecting “Tidal Artists” doesn’t actually show you their albums in Tidal, it just shows you the albums you have in your library.

See attached. I think this is a logic issue with the interface. I’m also including the results from within the Tidal application.

Just a note, the above post took my images out of order. They are 1,2,3 in reverse order with the Tidal app at the bottom.

And yes, you can see the little icon that identifies the MQA titles through the Tidal Desktop Application. Any chance that’s going to be visible through Roon because it’s currently not.

If their API gives us what we need to identify these albums, we will absolutely try. I believe the badge in their app showed up pretty recently, so we are still looking into this.

The search results screen gives you access to content in your library and on TIDAL, but the emphasis is on your library, like many areas of Roon (ie Artist, Albums, Tracks, Compostions, and other browsers, Focus, Discover, Radio, etc).

If you have an artist in your library, you’ll see all their albums on their page (in the Main Albums section, and the TIDAL Main Albums section), but for content that’s not yet in your library, you’ll generally want to add it so you can take advantage of all the library-based features I mentioned above.

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