Tidal Slow Again

Is there an issue with Tidal or Roon as Tidal is suddenly skipping songs or not playing a the message “Tidal is slow may be network issue etc”!

I am running a Roon Nuc and it is connected to an Orbi Router with an Ethernet cable. The Devialet Phantom are also connected to the router with Ethernet cables so it’s not a WiFi issue.

It was working fine yesterday and now it’s not…

Spotify, iTunes - no problem - so it is something to do with Roon and/or Tidal

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Here the same frustration, speedtest at computer where Roon server is: 213Mb/sec down and 191,06 upload. cat7 cable through out the network, giganet switches . Roon on Cambridge audio cnx v2.
Tidal warns: "load slow problems with net work’… wich network?; mine or Tidal’s ??

If you guys need support, please open a new topic in Support and fill out the template with your technical details, not here in Uncategorized

I resolved the issue by resetting basically everything! For example I factory reset the Phantoms and deleted and reloaded the apps.