Tidal talk talk albums suddenly missing in roon

Tidal talk talk albums are suddenly missing in roon, but available in Tidal browser.
What could be wrong? Last week it was ok. I tried restartig roon, no improvement.



I get all 11 in Roon (UK).

All 11 here also. In UK as well. Perhaps Tidal has lost rights to them for your region. It happens all the time in streaming.

All 11 in NL also.

I would tend to agree, but if that was the case how come the tidal app on the same machine sees all the albums? Presumably both in same region?

11? I’m in NL, and I only see 10 in Roon (but 11 in the TIDAL app)…

However, one of those is two versions - so I suppose Roon is just showing one entry?

The non-MQA version of Colour of Spring is probably tucked away under the Versions tab in Roon.

I checked with the tidal-app. Not sure if I can check the tidal-album count in Roon since I have a few Talk Talk albums in my local library.