TIDAL: This track not currently available from TIDAL


Not sure if this should go to @support or Tidal, so I’ll put it here. A new problem started occurring for me today. When I play a track from Tidal, it plays for a few seconds and then I get the error message “This track not currently available from TIDAL.” I’ve logged out and back into Tidal, restarted Roon Core, and restarted my computer, but it’s still happening. Any ideas? Here’s my setup:

Mac Mini OS 10.12.6
1.4 GHz i5
4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Library on external HD

Allo USBridge
ifi iDSD Nano LE


I have noticed that this happen on my Mac when processor is overloaded.

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Thanks, that’s interesting. The computer is weak, and I am running DSP, so that may very well be the issue. I don’t see anything different today than yesterday though, and yesterday everything was working fine.

I had this the other day when I added an iFi Ipurifier to my TinkerBoard / ProJect S2 endpoint.

The issue was the power supply to the TB. It was a 2A supply, with the TB supplying the S2 via USB. Adding the iFi was just too much. Changed it for a 3A supply and no problems.

Hassle is Roon reports that the track isn’t available on Tidal when it loses the endpoint it seems?!

Not sure it is the same issue as yours, but worth investigating if it isn’t the DSP overloading the system.

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Thanks, I’ll try running the iFi off battery power for a little while to see if it makes a difference.

Whats the track? Does it play without issue on the TIDAL website?

Can you post a screenshot of your Signal Path?

Hi @mike

It was more than one track, but two that I remember were Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin’” and Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” (a pretty coincidence).

I should clarify that I’m not technically using the USBridge. I’m waiting for a new board, so I’m running the USB dac directly into the Sparky SBC.

I’ve attached screenshots of my signal path at DSD64 and DSD128. Both functioned flawlessly yesterday at similar processing rates. Today not so much. Sorry for the awkward screens, as I’m on my laptop at the moment.


42 PM

36 PM

I’m beginning to think this is a network issue. I’ll return to this thread if I reach any conclusions.

I don’t know how much chat there is back to the core from the endpoint - I suspect more than something like Airplay. RAAT lets the DAC determine the clock, for example. In my case I think it was RAAT not getting messages back from the endpoint to sync the play (in my case because of the DAC not getting enough power). It is odd the choice of message - which suggests it is the Roon side. But I reckon you’re right - there can be many causes, but it manifests as a network issue of some description, and then gives an error message that doesn’t point at the network :). It is odd - sometimes Roon does tell you that it can’t communicate with the end point. Maybe it is specific to the DAC - again my case it was quite happy connecting to the end point (the Tinkerboard) - so on a network level in terms of packets it was ok, but it wasn’t getting things back from the DAC, so at a protocol level (RAAT) it threw an error.

Just my guess. @mike will know better :smiley:

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You blow up a 44khz file to more than 5mhz and now your are wondering about network issues?
What do you expect in increasing the sample rate more than 100x? Upsampling can be useful to preserve quality in further processing steps, but it can never create information not in the original file.
And upsampling to this excess … In the best case the file sounds as good as the original file, but often it ends in a decrease of sound quality by overload the cababilities of your network or devices.

Fair point about the network issues, but Roon offers very interesting upsampling filters (as does HQPlayer, but I’ve never used it). Try it and see! I was particularly motivated to try DSD upsampling after I read this: http://archimago.blogspot.com/2013/09/measurements-pcm-to-dsd-upsampling.html

Just logoff tidal in ROON and login again solves the problem!

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I have this same issue intermittently. It seems to happen randomly and with various tracks. Sometimes it plays well into the track and then suddenly stops and moves to the next track. I have Tidal via Roon on a QNAP TVS-471, hardwired through a switch to PS Audio DSD. Volume leveling is the only adjustment Roon is making to the data; all upsampling/conversion is done in the DSD. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it is super annoying.

I moved my Roon Core to a more powerful laptop and connected it via Ethernet to my router. No problems in the last couple days.

That’s interesting though that you have the problem even without serious DSP. That never happened to me.

I confirm , I checked it out. Processor utilisation is the reason; especially by Roon DSP and security systems (particularly Windows Defender). “Processing speed” in “Signal path” have to be at least 1x or more.

Holy crap, that actually did solve my problem. Only tried it with one track so far that was known to throw this error for me. I’ll check back in if the problem comes back and this quick fix turns out to not be the trick.

Shoot. The next track I listened to cut out and threw the same error midway through. My problem persists. I’ll try to troubleshoot my network.

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