Tidal tracks in Library vanishing


I recently renewed my subscription to Roon. Yesterday I wanted to add a bunch of Tidal songs (around 45000) to the Roon library. Everything works perfectly at first, the songs are added and I can play them from the roon library. After a few minutes however roon starts to delete most songs from the library, in the end there are about 2500 songs remaining. I tried several times to add the now missing songs again, which works first and then they are deleted again. I need help here cause if I can’t add my songs to the library I have no use for roon. This is happening on Windows desktop.


@support tagging support for you here but how exactly are you adding these 45000! Songs to your library at one time? This might help in determining what might be the issue here.

I thought Tidal had a 10k limit to favorites?


Good point but if we were to assume 5 tracks per album it is still only 9000 which is 1000 under the limit.

I have those tracks in playlists in Tidal, but i want to have them in the Library in Roon cause of most cool things in Roon are based on the library :slight_smile:

So i mark all playlists and hit the add to library button.

Good Point indeed, as i have a few Albums favorited too. I will check how high the Count is after adding the tracks.

Hi David,

When you add a track to Roon, it will appear under the Artist as a one track album. I’m wondering if Tidal considers that one track album as 1 of your 10k maximum.

Hopefully @support can confirm.

Cheers, Greg