TIDAL tracks low res [Solved: Upgraded to Premium]

Hello, i’m Jan from Holland. i’m new on your platform, i like it a lot and have lot of fun.
Now i have a little problem with poor quality from Tidal. Qobus is perfect.

Roon Core Machine

Imac Pro 8-core Intel Xeon W

Network Details

Sagemcom F5359
Tp switch

Audio Devices

Bluesound Node toslink
System-Audio Legend 5 silverback, Wisa connected via Hub

Library Size


Description of Issue

Tidal gives poor quality

Please can you help me?

Hi @Jan_Bijlsma,

Could you confirm what level of Tidal subscription you have?

Also in Roon → Settings → Services → Tidal → Edit

What streaming Quality options does you see and which one have you selected?


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I just upgrade my account to Premium, and now the problem is solved. My mistake, sorry

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All good, glad to help.

Thank you very much

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