Tidal tracks not available... but they are!


I have a really strange bug here.

If I am in my overview screen and then go down to Tidal New albums and select an album and then play the album everything works.
If I am searching for this artist via the search screen, then go to the Tidal search results and click on the same album all tracks are marked red ‘Unavailable’.
And the best : If I go back to Tidal new albums where I can play it and then add it to my library, go to my library and want to play the album I get “Tidal account error”

So it would be great if anyone can help me out of this real mess.

What’s the album in question?

Also, let me know what country this Tidal account is from – Germany?

@mike I created the account at tidal.com, didn’t see a country to choose from, it’s coming from a german paypal account, I am accessing from Austria…

the album in question is ‘Haftbefehl - Russisch Roulette’ just found this by accident I am not that interested in the particular album but wanted to mention it as there might be more of these cases, would be crazy if I picked the only one out that has this fault :wink:

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Haha, I just need to reproduce before I know what’s going on, so easier to ask than search around myself.

I will take a look and let you know how unlucky you are :smile:

@mike : I just found out something strange, I was working from my remote whole time. This error was reproducible, I tried it several times. Now I tried it from the core and it is accessible now from core AND remote. I love such things :wink:

Some more issues here sadly : Carlos Peron - La salle noire , can add to library, if I want to play the album I get tidal account error (both core and remote), Carlos Peron - Der Luzidus, can add to library, 1st track -> tidal account error (both core and remote), 2nd track to 5th playable, 6th -> tidal account error… These are all very long tracks, between 18 and more than 30 minutes…

Same with Carlos Peron - Terminatrix, all tracks playable except track 11 -> tidal account error, track length 18 minutes

Hmm, these tracks seem unavailable for streaming also in Tidal itself. For what is that good to have an album which I can add that has one track that only and that is not streamable? Cannot understand this

I get the Tidal Account Error on several albums from:

Boz Scaggs

to name a few off the top of my head. What I see it the album in Roon (via Tidal), however on Tidal’s Chrome interface these albums are not visible.

What licensing is causing this error? It doesn’t appear to be a Roon thing.

@Machine @o0OBillO0o – I discussed this with the team, and what would be most helpful would be links to the albums you’re having issues with on the Tidal website.

Once we have links, we can hit Tidal’s servers using the API calls for your country, and hopefully get a sense of what’s happening.

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

problems as decribed a few posts before

http://listen.tidal.com/album/41305562 -> Terminatrix, track 11

http://listen.tidal.com/album/41053786 -> Der Luzidus, tracks 1 and 6

http://listen.tidal.com/album/32180409 -> La Salle Noir, all tracks (only one)

What are with the many other albums that have ‘Unavailable’ there? E.g.

Are these only not available for my country or do they have a much bigger catalog than they actually support? I found a lot albums yesterday that have this…