Tidal tracks not available in Roon but they are in Tidal app

Hi Tony, at this time we have no further update at this time beyond the information that @brian posted a week ago and I linked to above.

No,because the playlist is a Roon built list consisting of a combo of NAS high res tracks & Tidal tracks. This playlist named “easy listening” only shows up in Roon.

Ok can you play the tidal tracks in the tidal app.

Yes Tidal tracks are playing fine in Tidal app.

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This is still not fixed. Why? Tidal albums can have tracks marked" unavaliable" in Roon but are available in Tidal. Why is this, and how can it be avoided?

Same Here, just added Seven Days Walking (Day 6) of Ludovico Einaudi. Roon tells me that the tracks are unavailable but I can play them fine in Tidal. I tried to delete the album from Roon and re-add it from Tidal but still not working

We’re aware of the Seven Days Walking (Day 6) issue and are working with TIDAL to resolve. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I am having a similar issue with some new releases in your qobuz. The latest album from Nirvana, “Live and Loud”, as well as the new Lana Del Rey album, “F’ing Norman Rockwell”, appear in my qobuz app and my favorites on my qobuz app, but are not available in Roon in any fashion that I can find. There maybe other new releases this week that also haven’t come over, but it seems like most everything else that I favorited in the Qobuz app came over to roon but those two albums didn’t and I can’t find them in a roon either. Also the issue of qobuz titles that I favorite in roon do not translate back as favorites in my qobuz app…that is a diff and persistent problem!

Hi, same problem today searching a singer which is on Tidal, but I get no results here.

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still an issue for Impossible - Nothing but thieves

works now

Hi there, I am having the same issue with a number of tracks/albums. For example, the song ‘Stay’ by Lisa Loeb (on the album ‘Tails’) is showing up as ‘Unavailable’ despite being playable directly from the TIDAL app – screenshot attached.

I have tried logging out and logging back in of TIDAL, and I have also cleared Roon’s cache from the Library folder on MacOS as a test… still no luck.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Having the same problem. I really like roon (im in trial mode now and set to purchase the lifetime plan but now i think ill hold off until this gets fixed)

This weekend I’ve had some problems with this also.

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Same issue:

Also having this issue…a real bummer!

Yes, it seems that it works for several days after this fix. But now problem returns.