TIDAL tracks not available in Roon

I’m having this problem (tracks play fine in Tidal but Roon tells me the tracks are not available from Tidal) and it’s now June 2019.
Is there some Roon fix that isn’t dependent on Tidal fixing something?

Hi @David_Hicks,

Can you give a specific example of a track/album you’re seeing this with? Please provide screenshots of this album in Roon.

Can you also verify the region for your TIDAL account?

Hi Dylan,

The region for my Tidal account? I’m in Northern California if that helps.

I noticed today the problem seems to be with many of the KWS albums, but here’s a screenshot with the problem on the latest album. These all play fine when played straight from Tidal.


David Hicks

Hi Dylan,

I fixed the problem by logging out of Tidal and then re-logging in. I did this even though Roon showed that I was already logged into Tidal. Strange, in that this problem was on a PC, but I did not have this problem on my Mac that’s in another room. That’s what gave me the idea to try the simple fix.


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