TIDAL tracks not playing [resolved: 790 improved]

The logs show that this happened because your Bluesound device fell off your local network. There is a known issue with this Bluesound device’s WiFi. I’d be interested if Qobuz failed while playing to system output. Until I see that, there is nothing to look into here. You can also try to use ethernet on your Bluesound for better reliability.

It’s all up to TIDAL, we don’t pick the URL to stream from, they do.

We may have identified an issue with their CDN (we are given a different mechanism to access TIDAL content that their app does not use), and are looking into a workaround while we work it out with them.

Hang on a bit…

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Thanks for the info. For what it’s worth, Tidal with Roon has been behaving better for me in Brasil over the past few days. As I noted in earlier messages, using a VPN resolved serious track skipping over a month or so for me. However, testing without the VPN again over the last three days has resulted in no skipping.

yah my guess is something funny is going on with the CDN down in Brazil… I have something in the works to deal with that failure case more aggressively.

Interesting. If I can help with tests or info, let me know. I’m in Salvador. I also have two ISPs in the house, so I can test with both.

@danny I hope you are making progress dealing with the Tidal skipping (CDN) issue. For your information, I would like to add the following. I have mainly been playing from Qobuz lately. As you know, skipping in Qobuz is rare (in my case), and, as you pointed out, is (sometimes) caused by the Bluesound Node 2 and its wifi-connection. However, there seems to be another problem too. I just had 5 Qobuz tracks in a row skipping (May 12, around 3 pm). I stopped Roon and rebooted the core/Mac mini. And everything is working fine again. There seems to be a pattern in this. After (many) hours of playing, Qobuz tracks will start skipping. After rebooting, the skipping stops. I guess there is no relation to the Tidal-problem. And I can understand if investigating this, is not a priority. It’s not really a big deal to have to restart the core regularly. But since you are working on the skipping issue, I thought I’d mention it.

See screenshot for the skipped tracks. The fourth and fifth tracks that skipped were “Koyaanisqatsi” & “Barry Lyndon”. I moved them to next in queue after the reboot. They played flawlessly.

Checked your logs, and for example, “The Rose” failed because the Bluesound dropped the connection with us. Before it did so, it reported that it was not getting data fast enough to play the stream reliably. That tells me that the network was doing just fine and the problem is inside the Bluesound itself.

We’ve seen this issue when streaming from Roon to the Bluesound “2” line. The “2i” line is a lot more reliable in this regard.


Roon ‘endpoints’’ vary in quality.

Some work seamlessly. Others don’t.

Maybe it’s a case of ‘You pays your money, you takes your choice’?

Shouldn’t be, “Roon Ready” means a device has passed rigorous testing, nothing of cost.


Roon Ready is not an exhaustive QA process of every aspect of the device. It just means the streaming quality has no compromises and things like UI/UX are the best they can be. Also, we get the signal path to be as transparent as possible and the settings optimized for bit perfect transmission/reception.

If WiFi is limited to 2.4ghz, or the implementation is flakey in some circumstances, that is not something Roon Ready covers. There are thousands of other cases that Roon Ready does not cover.

It seems that indeed, when Qobuz tracks skip, in my case it is related to the Bluesound Node 2 over wifi. I played a 44-hour Qobuz playlist to the system output of my core. I had one skip on 632 tracks. Hardly worth mentioning. Since I can’t connect the Node by ethernet and I don’t use its DAC anyway (I have an external one), I will probably replace the Node with a Raspberry Pi to improve my Roon/Qobuz experience.
And I hope your efforts to find a solution for Tidal skipping will be successful and improve my Roon/Tidal experience too.

I wonder if something changed in the interface between Roon’s ops and Tidal, based on what @danny said, as I have not had any Tidal skips for several days now.

(I wish I hadn’t said that… :man_facepalming:)

Seems to me that the Roon team has done a great job solving the Tidal skipping issue (I was one of the beta testers of the new release and tested it extensively: at least for my setup and location: no more skipping). Thanks & Congratulations to @danny, @dylan, @noris, and all the others that were involved!


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