Tidal tracks taking too long to load

Hi Guys & Girls,

My 1st issue with ROON in over 18 months of use!

I’m having issues with TIDAL tracks stopping after about 10 secs & then I have a message saying “TIDAL track taking longer than normal to load” or something similar as it disappears very quickly. I don’t seem to have the same issues for copied files, only streamed content?

I then find that ROON loses all my end points & it takes around a minute for them to all load up again. I’m having this issue no matter the end point.

My core & music is on an late 2012 2.9 GHz i5 iMac running Sierra (10.13.6) with 8 GB RAM so should be me more than enough processing. My internet speed is generally over 20 Gbps which should also be fast enough?

Any thoughts?

Reboot everything and see what happens.

Hi Ged,
This has been happening for about 2 weeks & I’ve rebooted several times but will do another reboot as I’ve also read that there is a BridgeII software update available so maybe this is connected?

We’ve reached the limit on my knowledge now!
I get this occasionally and is always a network issue. Have you rebooted your router?

Hey @Matthew_Taylor,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you confirm whether or not there is any active firewall or antivirus on the Core machine? If so try temporarily disabling them and let us know if there’s any change.

Just to confirm, if you play to System Output of the Core machine, this behavior still occurs?

Is there only specific TIDAL content that this occurs with, or is it all TIDAL content?

In the past we have seen Google DNS help with TIDAL issues. Can you try using Google DNS and let us know if you notice a change?



Hi dylan,
I’m just back from being away for work so will have a more forensic look to see what’s happening. I’m certainly not using any firewall & I’m not running any antivirus on my iMac (maybe I should be??).

What’s strange is that it’s worked well for 18 months, no issues so something may have changed?