Tidal ultimate slow in starting a song

Core Machine

Network Details


Audio Devices

NAD M10.
Bluesound Pulse Flex 2.

Description of Issue

Hello. Since a couple of days playing Tidal songs is starting very slow. I have tried two endpoints.
After choosing a song it takes up to a minute before it starts.

It doesn’t matter if I use Roon to stream Tidal music or stream from the Tidal App which makes me think it is a Tidal issue. Any members here experiencing the same issues?

Though, when playing the music on my iPad it starts immediately. When I choose the M10 it takes more than a minute.

Hello Robert,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Tidal playback. We definitely want to see if we can get this cured for you. It sounds like this isn’t a Roon-specific problem, but we can definitely help get you on the right track.

First, let’s make sure Roon is fully up to date, there are some playback changes with TIDAL that probably won’t resolve this issue, but could help.

This also sounds like it could be a network problem so let’s begin troubleshooting by establishing a wired internet connection to your Core and the M10 if possible. Also, could you provide more information about your networking setup, including router model and other networking gear in use.