TIDAL Unavailable Albums for Streaming

When setting up Roon today, I selected various of the “Essential” collection options for TIDAL to be imported into my library automatically. This has been a great way of seeing new music. However, a number of Albums returned an error on attempting to play along the lines of “TIDAL_account_error”. An example was AC/DC’s Back in Black album. On investigating on my iPhone’s Tidal app, it appears that the Back in Black album is not available for streaming under TIDAL due to the record label’s licensing arrangement (at least in Australia). I can manually remove these by trial and error but it may be something worth looking at to see if Roon can prevent the automatic import of TIDAL Albums that are not available for streaming (unless this differs geographically in a way that makes this impossible).


This is too weird, I just had the EXACT SAME thing happen to me! I was trying to play AC/DC’s Back in Black album on Tidal ( from within Roon ) and I got the same error message.

I than logged onto Tidal from a browser and it is as you state, it is listed on their site as not available for streaming. I am in the US.

Sort of eery that I hit the issue in the exact same manner.

So I second the request, if at all possible.

To add to this, what I have also seen is that Tidal albums\tracks were previously available in your geography and thus added to your favorites, which then become unavailable at some point in time.

It would be nice if there was an option to only show available music in the browser. Knowing an album exists doesn’t help – there are other services for discovering that. In Roon I’d like to just see what I can listen to right now.