Tidal via Roon vs Lumin App

I been using a NAS as Roon Core and play Tidal as well as files to my D2. I noticed the sound quality was not as good as using Lumin app directly. Thought it could be the cpu wasn’t powerful enough or too much noise in the NAS.

Then I had compare it again with Intel i7 NUC with M2 SSD and 8G ram running ROCK this morning. Notice the sound from Tidal still no match with using Lumin App directly. Has anyone notice that as well?

By the way, love the new Lumin app v7.0.

I cant say I have heard any differences but I seldom use the Lumin App - see 7.0 just installed too.

One thing to check is the Roon MQA settings for the D2, I have mine as Render only IIRC, im not sure what the Lumin app uses @wklie maybe Peter can comment on that bit here.

Lumin with analog output needs to run the Full MQA Decoder when using Lumin app.

On a Roon setup, usually it’s better to let Roon Core perform the MQA Core decoding, then let the Lumin perform MQA Renderering (Renderer-Only).

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That’s how I set it up. D2 MQA analog only and roon doing decode with D2 rendering only.

I was comparing using non MQA files too. Can tell Lumin app give more details and cleaner sound.

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Give it a try if you can. See if you can hear any difference. The app was not so good with Tidal before ver7. You can only see album under artist but not their single. Ver 7 fixed that.

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What is the maximum of favorite albums shown in Tidal section of the Lumin app?

Mine shows only 2000, while I have almost 2600 in Roon. I only use Tidal. All my add to collection selected albums in Roon show up in the Tidal app on my phone, which don’t show a count. But I see all albums appear if I try.

This will be fixed.

Ok thanks.

Streaming Tidal directly to an endpoint is certainly less demanding of network resources than streaming to a Roon core. Does it make a difference? People don’t seem to worry about it much.

Unless one uses WiFi, it should not be an issue. Not to say WiFi can’t work, but many people’s WiFi networks are simply not good enough.


Nothing is using wifi in my setup. Just ordered a fanless case for the NUC. Let’s see if it will make any difference.

I noticed the fix, thanks.

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The big downside to the LUMIN app is not having artist etc in alphabetical order.

Tidal connect would make the LUMIN perfect.

In Lumin app there are several sorting options for Tidal favorites.

Ah, I found it :grinning:
Might be handy to put a screenshot on the website, I can’t see that option covered I was looking in options.

I also wonder why LUMIN show more duplicates than the Tidal app, yes Tidal has MQA , non MQA and some with a different number of tracks.

For example.

Had a log into Tidal issue in the app, but asking a question here it started working again. So changed the post.

Hi, just to confirm, with the D2 and Roon, I should set the MQA capabilities in roon setting to (renderer-only)? and I have enable MQA core decoder turned on.

With this setup I am getting OFS appear instead of MQA… is this the optimal way?

Since the D2 is roon ready, the default setting puts the MQA capabilities in roon on both renderer and decoder and also the MQA core decoder is turned on. This way I am getting MQA on the D2 screen.

Please confirm!


This is normal. Some users reported it sounds better this way.


If you notice a SQ difference between the two settings, please let me know.

Thank you for the answers!

Oh one more question- when I have a track playing on Roon, and when I change the setting in Lumin app “Analog Audio Output Level” from Normal to Low, I don’t hear any difference in volume. Is this only changing the analog output level if I am using the Lumin App native player? I am Streaming tidal in roon.

I must have it in normal to get the 4V output from the XLR outs right? It seems like the volume is lower on D2 outputting 4V XLR into my amp vs a different standalone DAC (for ex Schiit Bifrost 2) that also outputs 4V. Is this normal?