Tidal "What's New" Not Updating for some genres

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For certain genres, the “What’s New” section of my Tidal library has not updated since 12 November. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots. For example, Rock and Hip-Hop have got new albums in them today, whereas Folk and Electronic haven’t updated since 12 November.

If I search for, say, an Electronic album that was released after 12 November I can find it and play it with no problems: but for some reason these genres aren’t updating. I’ve tried logging out and logging in to Tidal again, and clearing the local cache. This occurs on all devices on my network.

Hi @Jamie_Tudor

Thank you for the heads up about this. We’re reaching out to TIDAL to see if we can determine the cause for this. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to know more soon.

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