Tidal will not play, but Qobuz will!

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
I7 Pipeline custom streamer. Windows 10 latest Roon build.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Hot spotting from Air iPad. Hardwired using unlimited dated from T-Mobile

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
USB card from Sotom

Description Of Issue
I have rarely had issues playing Tidal over the past year. Until recently I cannot play a song without stoping or stuttering. Sometimes with the pop up banner ‘slow network’. Playing Tidal using their app on my iPhone or iPad, no issues, using the same dated.

Checking to see if it’s a network issue I bought a Qobuz subscription where I’ve had no issue playing tracks and albums without any interruptions. Is there any explanation why this is the case. It dose not make sense why there would be a difference when using the same network.

Appreciate any feedback!!

Hi @Shoe1,

Does this issue occur for all endpoints, including System Output of the Core machine?

Were there any changes to your setup around the time this occurred?

Just to clarify, all of your devices are connected to the iPad Air?

Thanks Dylan! The only other endpoint I use is the Sotm -200 when using HQP, I get the same results. I have been using Qobuz the last couple days without no issues. I have not change anything in my setup for several years. Sam

When you ask are all the devices hooked to the Air- there is only one device I am using and that is the Pipeline my streamer.
Is this what you mean “by all my devices “?

Hi @Shoe1,

Yes, I’m just trying to get a good sense of how things are connected here so we can better understand the network chain and how things are communicating. Is this connected via USB tethering to the Core?

Are you able to try using Roon without hotspot? Do things work differently when doing so?

Yes I tether my iPad to my core. The reason I hot spot because I live where there is no connectivity other then satellite (a joke). Therefore hot spotting is only viable option. It actually works quite well. I am able to watch HD movies through Apply TV in the house (Audio room in separate building) by using my iPhone to mimic WiFi to my iPad as a end point.
Just to let you know, yesterday I was playing through my headphone setup (different system, with same connection to my core) playing a whole album from Qobuz, upon finishing, a track from Tidal started playing through Roon radio, within 30 seconds it started cutting out then stop, saying Roon is loading to slowly. Went to the next track, same thing, could not play a track from Tidal. Selected a album from Qobuz, no issue playing through the complete album. Really strange indeed. Thanks for your time on this!

Hi @Shoe1,

Often times when a TIDAL specific issue is being experienced, I’d recommend switching to Google DNS. Since you’re using your iPad as the primary network device I don’t think you’ll be able to set it there, but you can try changing the settings on your Windows Core to use Google DNS and let us know if that yields any changes for you.

Ok I will try it out and get back to you with the outcome. Thank you!

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