TIDAL: Winterreise - distortion on recording

@support - Just added this version of Winterreise to my library, and from track 2 onwards, there is the most appalling distortion on each track, making them totally unlistenable (also present in the TIDAL app). Could you please ask TIDAL to fix it, or do I need to go directly to TIDAL? Thanks.

That is unpleasant, and as of 1421 BST, 20th July still unfixed!

I had several classical albums which had faults (sometimes a total album unplayable). Contacted Roon and Tidal halve year ago, but nothing is done.

Well, to be fair, this needs to be fixed by TIDAL, rather than Roon Labs. I just thought that perhaps TIDAL would be more amenable to listening to complaints from Roon Labs, rather than a mere user. But perhaps not…