Tidel albums not visible in roon

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OSX Roon Server ver 1.7

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Not all albums that are available on Tidel are visible in roon.
There are countless other support posts about this issue some from 2017, none with an actual solution.

I cannot believe, this is still not fixed or addressed…

Hi @Jacek_Tuschewski,

Is there any specific album that you’re not able to find?

In the screenshot of Roon you shared, you’re looking at Main Albums from Michael Jackson that are in your library already. Further below this there should be a section that is available from streaming services.

the image is clear… roon is not showing all the albums available on Tidal from Michael Jackson or many other artists that are in my library or are not. This is just one of many…

Please address the issue and do not steer the issue into another direction; like “looking for a specific album” I did not ask about this and this is the none-answer that has been give in all the other replies to this issue, that has existed and has not been fixed in roon for many years.

It is not about looking for a specific album it is about seeing what albums I have not heard or do not know about.

I presume the Tidal (API) implementations in roon is not working correctly and needs fixing.

Hmm… When searching for Michael Jackson in his discography in release 1.8 I see 29 distinct Tidal albums. When searching for him in the Tidal app (in the US), I see 14. So Roon in 1.8 is showing more Michael Jackson albums from Tidal than Tidal search itself is showing.

Also please note that some albums are shown as versions in Roon. For instance Thriller has multiple versions including the 25th anniversary releases… which makes the number of Tidal releases more than 29. I can’t find anything in Tidal that is not in Roon for Michael.

Warren Zevon Excitable Boy 2007 Remaster does not show in Roon for me but is in Tidal with a MQA and non MQA version.

I only get the original 1978 MQA and non MQA version returned by Roon.

Thanks, Alan

Will support actually reply…? or are the users doing support now…

It is all nice that it works for you guys… but the issue is not that it works for you, it is that I am like the 50th person to have this problem and not even once has support actually talked about a fix or did anything other that avoided talking about the actual issue.

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