Title Edits in Tag Editor not shown in Roon


I will try and explain the issue, hope you understand what I mean:

When I identify an album, but there are no infos on the track titles, I select “prefer Files” for the titles (info is in there), strangely it shows up in the Tageditor and when I select “View credits” but not in the Album play view.
Here a few screenshots, this has been a problem for a while.

That way even though the info is in the tag and Roon sees it, all I get is “unspecified arias”.

Please try this out and fix it.

Guess this should have been in the normal support category, so I moved it.

This is a multi-part composition. Track titles are not shown for multi-part compositions, WORK / PART titles are used instead. If your files contain WORK and PART tags (see also: File Tag Best Practice) you can edit the album and choose Prefer File Data for Multi-Part Composition Grouping. Choose Disable Multi-Part Compositions on this Album if you really want to see track titles instead.

Thanks disabling multi-part composition worked. But to be truly honest, even after reading the kB I do not really understand it.
The albums that cannot be identified, show up normally in Roon. With all the track titles. So I guess it has to do with me identifying the album and selecting file titles. Does this mean that all albums that are not identified, are automatically not multiparty compositions for Roon?
So to get this album to look the way it usually would look, I have to retag it wit scene and title etc? Problem was that the titles are not in the metadata from Roon / allmusic.

Metadata that’s not there can’t be shown. As you were able to identify it means that at least some metadata must be available.
You can edit the title of this thread using the pencil right of it. Put the artist and album title in there and change the category to metadata-issue. Others will look into this (Roon’s metadata for this specific album) then to check if something is amiss.

Well, obviously yes. My problem was not the missing Metdata from Roon, it was that the metadata from the tags in the files were not shown. It was that the “mixing” of Roon data and File Data did not work. But, disabling multipart-composition fixed it. That is why I tagged your post as Solution found.

As for the actual Metadata being added by Roon /Allmusic, that I do not need. The info is there now. If that were the problem, I have more than a thousand albums that cannot be identfied, or have bad Metadata in the Roon database - so I wont even open that can of worms :wink: (The wonders of classical music)
Thanks, the mystery is solved.

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