To M Scale or Not to M Scale?

I have and absolutely love my TT2, which is fed via BNC from my Lumin U1 Mini. So of course it’s time to start obsessing over whether an M Scaler can possibly be worth the additional investment.

Understanding that there’s no substitute for buying the thing and seeing (or hearing), here’s a point of comparison that might or might not be relevant. I have been playing with Roon-based DSD upsampling (max at 192), and while there’s a SLIGHT difference I can detect (a scoche more presence), it’s really slight to my ears.

Is that any indication of what I’d have in store with the M Scaler? Or are we talking a whole different and discernible experience?

Most of what I’ve read from all of you and reviews says the answer is “yes,” the M Scaler is a significant difference-maker, but wondering if my Roon experience is suggesting the difference for me might be something less significant.


Since the TT2 converts DSD to PCM internally, normally DSD upsampling is not suggested for TT2, unless if you particularly like this sound effect.

FYI There is a 900-page product thread at head-fi.


Thanks, Peter - very helpful to a newbie, as usual. I’ll get reading on the 900 pages…

Isn’t it great with forum based advice and support? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My experience with the M-Scaler is that it does make a difference, but it is nowhere near being cost efficient if you are reasonably sane. Yes, it does provide better spacial cues, and smoother conversion. But these differences are miniscule compared to relocating your speakers one inch, in my (not so) humble opinion. :wink:

You want to try this at a lower cost? Loose the BNC-connection, use USB and feed your TT2 752.8/768Khz PCM from a HQ Player hardware instead. You’ll come close to what the Scaler does, at a fraction of the cost. There are plenty of threads over at the sanatorium, eh, i mean Audiophile Style forums

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Any decent dealer will loan you one to test at home.

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I have to disagree Mikael.

Obviously, YMMV with any upgrade, but the M Scaler transforms the TT2, in my system at least.

I find the TT2 relatively coarse and ‘crude’ without the HMS. But, as I’ve said, YMMV depending on the rest of your system.

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I agree.

Just don’t expect a ‘night and day’ experience on A-B comparisons.

The HMS has to be ‘lived with’ in order that you can appreciate its impact.

I tried going back to just using TT2 after a while, but couldn’t. The HMS has a clearly profound impact on music, IMO.

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I see that you’ve found it Stuart :grinning:

It’s a good resource.

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After an exhausting dive into the discussions, I’ve ordered the M-Scaler, convinced that the best and only way to evaluate is to buy and try. I vascillate between excitement and a sense that I’m pouring a lot of money into a small incremental improvement. This is the least secure I’ve felt about any gear purchase, but my dealer has a generous 60-day return period. We will see……

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Best way to go about it! :slight_smile:


I felt exactly the same as you Stuart. I bought ‘blind’, without an audition.

Suffice to say, I still have mine. And it’s literally taken my breath away every single day I’ve used it since I bought it…

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So, you are in need of an oxygen boost, then? :rofl:
Just kidding, enjoy your tunes! :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks for the encouragement, @Martin_Kelly, and everyone!

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What about HQPlayer upsampling? Some even say it compares favorably to the Chord HMS?

So, I think the return period is way past – do you still own the M-Scaler?