Toggle Scrobbling by Service

There’s an issue with scrobbling and Qobuz where if you have scrobbling enabled through both roon and Qobuz, Qobuz tracks played in roon are scrobbled twice (once via roon + once via Qobuz).

I understand from threads in the support section of the forums that this is due to the way Qobuz has implemented the API, and it’s been suggested that we can resolve this by disabling scrobbling in either roon or Qobuz. That’s less than ideal, though, as I use Qobuz both with and without roon.

To better mitigate/eliminate the duplication issue, it would be nice if roon would let us toggle scrobbling by service (e.g. Library, Tidal, Qobuz) or at least disable Qobuz scrobbling while keeping Library/Tidal scrobbling active. An implementation along those lines, if possible, would eliminate the duplication.


EDIT: See: Scrobbling


Having just migrated over from Tidal where no such issue existed, this double-scrobbling from Qobuz while using Roon is annoying. If it is not possible to disable Qobuz scrobbling within Roon (it’s not), then the easiest workaround would be to switch off Qobuz app scrobbling whenever I return home, but unfortunately this cannot be done from their iPhone app and requires a longer process going through the desktop browser.
First world problems, :relaxed:

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I am affected by this bug as well. There is a duplicate feature request.

It is not practical to disable scrobbling on the qobuz side because I need to use qobuz directly whenever I’m not at home. Additionally the qobuz Android app does not allow editing the setting.

I think the cleanest solution is to have a roon option to disable scrobbling on qobuz while leaving it on for other sources.

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