Tom Waits Album art?

What’s going on with the album art of Tom Waits “Small Change” (remastered) from Tidal?
It looks OK when searched for but when added to library, album art changes to something else, looks like Bono!!

Weird. It worked for me just now.

Very weird indeed. I’m going to try adding it to ‘My Music’ from within Tidal app and let it sync over to Roon to see what happens.

That was the same, crazy, art is correct in Tidal but in Roon I get Bono.
My Tidal subscription’s in Sweden.

Maybe if you re-identifiy in Roon again. Mostly there are several versions (digital download/cd /etc) albums you can choose. It happens to me with other albums also. Re-identify and choose another album edition does the job.