Too many clicks to make DSP EQ choice

I am heavy into equalization and find it repetitive if not inconvenient to, from say a Playlist, click:

  1. The Speaker icon on the bottom right;
  2. The DSP text that then appears;
  3. The SAVE/LOAD EQ under the Parametric EQ text ;
  4. Finally, choose the saved EQ

I have a very transparent system and can detect small variances in EQ settings. Thus, I have quite a few saved EQ settings.

If there is a shorter way to get to 3) above (SAVE/LOAD…) please guide me.
If there isn’t, it would be very convenient for folks like me to place something like “LOAD EQ” text at the bottom of the Playlist window to the left or right of he track that is playing.

I am not suggesting a full implementation as described in the steps above, just the ability to choose among my many EQ settings in one or two easy steps.

An “Enabled” button is not really needed in the suggestion since a “Flat” EQ setting can always be created to achieve the same purpose.

Thank you.

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