Too many failures with Qobuz

I am having the same issue with Qobuz, it’s not worked at all in Roon all day. Similar setup yp yours, but the error message I’m getting is ‘unable to start streaming. Check your Qobuz account and try again. Too many failures, stopping feedback’. You’re not alone, and it’s not just TIDAL. I’ll post separately about this.

Hi @James_McEwan1,

Welcome to the forum! Is there any change in behavior if you try logging out and back into Qobuz in the Roon Settings -> Services tab?

Are you still able to properly use the Qobuz web player ( to start track playback?

What is your Core setup like - can you provide some more details such as Operating System, Core specifications, and endpoints in use (and weather this behavior occurs on all of your endpoints or just one/some)?

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